Friday, 5th December – Thought spiral

This, again, isn’t the post I’d planned to write today, but hey, life happens! It happens an awful lot.

The phrase “it’s easier said than done” gets bandied around an awful lot, to the extent that it often doesn’t need to be said (is that ironic?). It’s just a given; of course it takes more effort to do things than to theorise about them in the abstract.

But it is still something that’s worth bearing in mind. I’ve found myself in the position of advice-giver in various different ways over the years, and when I am in that situation, I do try my hardest to remain sensitive to what comes out of my mouth. A rational perspective is useful and necessary, but it should be joined with sympathy with and understanding of how that person is feeling. What needs to be done, and what is the best way to do it?

I give myself a lot of very good advice, but like Alice in Wonderland, I’m less good at following it. It’s easy to do things right when things are going well for you. It’s easy to love people when you feel loved. It’s easy to have faith when the ground feels firm beneath your feet. It’s easy to hope when the future looks bright.

Today, though, has been a bit of a bad-news day. I’ll admit that this post is mostly me trying to work through my thoughts. I’m not having a full-on crisis by any means, but it is in times that I know it is most important for me to follow my own advice that it is most difficult to do so.

Worrying is not useful. Jesus reminds us about this Himself, very explicitly, in Matthew 6:27.

The most difficult thing in difficult situations of various kinds, is uncertainty; not being able to tell what is going to happen, or even what is currently going on. Knowing is a way of controlling; we like to be clear on the details of things because it makes us feel more secure about our situation. When we don’t know, it’s like the solid ground has been taken away. Hard not to panic when you don’t know what you’re standing on, or even if you are still standing at all!

But it is not for us to know everything. And sometimes instances of uncertainty can remind us of this. Only God knows everything, and He knows best. Trust in Him. Run to Him. Lean on Him.

Goodness triumphs in the end. No evil is stronger than Him. And He doesn’t just triumph, He transforms. It was through death that Jesus bought eternal life for humankind. Nothing bigger than God. And, also important to remember, nothing is too small for His notice. He sees, He cares.

The rambling stops here for today.


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