Saturday, 13th December

I that I am often and easily preoccupied by the question of whether or not I do enough to show God to others in my life. (Goodness, that was a long-winded sentence.) It’s easy to get caught up in concerns about whether or not I am sharing my faith in my actions and conversations with people; whether or not I reach out to people enough; whether or not I let God work through me as much as He wants me to. There’s a danger in an aim to do God’s will and do good for others becoming a matter of self-absorption.

One way to combat this is to turn matters on their heads. If the thought of how you can let God work in your life to help others has become too you-centric, put it aside for a moment – just to gain some perspective. Instead, spend a moment thinking of the people in your life. Your family and friends; the people who you love and who brighten your every day. Think about how you can see God in them; how their love in your life makes God more tangible to you. Give glory to God for putting these people in your life, and helping you on your way through them!

We are all made in God’s image, and it is easiest to see this in those whom we know and cherish. But it is important to look for God in every person we encounter. To remember that every human being was given freedom of choice and dignity by the Almighty, and that He loves each one of us infinitely. Each one of us.

Reach out to people in Advent; don’t be afraid to share your faith! Invite people to a carol service, to midnight mass. Talk about the real meaning of Christmas. But don’t do it because you feel you ought to; do it because you have seen and felt God at work in your life through other people, and you are thankful for that.

(This post is rather more unfocused and fragmentary than usual; I will aim to return to this subject it at a later date.)


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