Good Friday

(Written on Good Friday 2014)

O Lord,

Who am I, that for my sake,
My God should take
Frail flesh
And die?

I want to be at Your side,
To lessen Your pain, to prevent Your torture
And death
But it is my sin that crucifies You
My sin in the whips, the screams,
The thorns and nails.
I am not worthy
to be called
Your child.

My God, my Lord
I am not worthy

not in the smallest measure. 

‘Sorry’ is not enough
I am sorry
I wish I could claw out my human failings, break the parts of me that go on sinning, on and on
but I am weak
so weak

LORD I am sorry
that I have sinned against You
Never permit me to separate myself from You again

How can I presume
to take a place beside You
To whine and petition to You
Who have given me

I dare to pride myself with the fact that You love me
Without considering what that means
And feeling the terror of awe at the power of it

LORD I am not fir to untie the strap of Your sandals, nor wash Your feet,
nor anoint Your brow.
I turn away from sin on this day
For on this day You set me free.

Take me where You will,
Do anything to me Lord,
Only let me not hurt You any more
Grant that I may love Thee always,
Lay down my life for You
And never seek a reward on this Earth

For You have already given me
     too much,
beyond measure.

The Father’s Only Son.

Let me love You

With all my
and Strength

For as long as my soul shall live.



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