Good Friday

(Written on Good Friday 2014)

O Lord,

Who am I, that for my sake,
My God should take
Frail flesh
And die?

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Lenten beginnings

Lent beginneth, and the blog returneth! My blogging resolution once again died a death, but I have a few ideas for things I’d like to write, so here’s me trying to be productive in my spare time.

Lent, of course, began last week on Ash Wednesday, the 18th February. Similarly to Advent, Lent’s a season that I didn’t enjoy so much when I was younger, but have been appreciating more and more as I’ve grown up – even if it’s a challenge. Or perhaps because it’s a challenge. Stretching ourselves to do things that are difficult may be frustrating at the time, but the repercussions are positive and can always be seen with a bit of hindsight.

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